Sensibility, sensuality, and perception to be not reactions to physical causality nor adjustments to physical pressures, nor

free and spontaneous impositions of order on amorphous data, but responses

to directives.



In relation to some other entity, whether they are directly manufactured by humans or not. Hyperobjects have numerous properties in common. They are viscous, which means that they “stick” to beings that are involved with them. They are nonlocal; in other words, any “local manifestation” of a hyperobject is not directly the hyperobject.

Gaussian temporality: they generate spacetime vortices, due to general relativity. Hyperobjects occupy a high-dimensional phase space that results in their being invisible to humans for stretches of time. And they exhibit their effects interobjectively; that is, they can be detected in a space that consists of interrelationships between aesthetic properties of objects



We must create software that maximizes immersion and presence.  Solutions should provide dynamic, realistic interactions with environments and synthetic characters while avoiding dependence on outmoded user interface and interaction design.